Ekenäs (The Town of Raseborg)

Now you can get a guided tour of Ekenäs in your mobile phone.
atch it as a video at www.mobiguide.fi/m.

The guidance consists of the following parts:

  • Ekenäs (whole)
  • Ekenäs past and present
  • Ramsholmen English
  • Ekenäs attractions
  • Helene Schjerfbeck in Ekenäs
  • Ekenäs church

Normal mobile charge costs apply.

The Ekenäs tour has been produced in cooperation with the Town of Raseborg and guides
Dan Idman and Anne Ingman (the second of the voices in the Schjerfbeck-part).

In the summer you can take real guided tours. For tour information, contact the Tourist office in Raseborg. More information about Ekenäs and its surroundings can be found on the following
pages:  The Town of Raseborg and Ekenäs museums EKTA virtual tour.